Kerry Blue since 1980

Yvenus kerry blue... a small kennel. All my dogs live inside with the family, and the pups are born and raised in our home. Presently I've got only two bitches, and I have one litter on average per annum. I am very concerned that my pups go to good and lasting homes with interested and committed owners. Most of my breedings are checked for Hip Dysplacia (HD) with good results. All my breeding stock female have had A or B-hips and a mental evaluation.

Most of my beeding stock goes trough a mental evaluation called MH or BPH it gives a description of the dogs mental health and the results are official.

Some of my breedings are National or Nordic Champions and one International Champion.

If you consider getting a dog, please remember that the more information and knowledge you gather beforehand, the better you are equipped to receive the new puppy. I encourage you to read as much as possible about owning and upbringing of dogs while waiting for your new puppy to arrive. At the time the puppy finally arrives, you will stand a better chance to raise it to its full potential.

It is of course up to yourself what kind of life you choose for you and your dog. With a friendly and well-behaved dog, both you and your dog will benefit more. 

The breed - History and Personality

In early days the Kerry Blues were used as farm dogs and for vermin destroying. Their job was to keep rats and mice away, and at the same time guard the houses and people of the farm.

The Kerry is a pleasant, intelligent, co-operative and joyful dog. It is positive and humorous, in addition to its sociable personality. The Kerry is healthy and persevering, and loves its family. A glance at your Kerry is enough to start the frenetic tailwagging it displays as a proof of your unrivalled capacity as owner.

The Kerry is most happy living with an active and interested family. You can still live in an apartment in the city, as long as you live a life where your dog can spend most of the time with its family/pack. Obviously knowledge about breeding dogs is important, but most importantly is your commitment and interest in your Kerry.


Its expression shall be intensive and alert. Pups are born black, but the colour later changes to various shades of blue. The coat is wavy and soft. Height for male is 46-50cm and for bitch 45-48cm. Weight for a male is 15-18kg, and for a bitch a bit less.


The Kerry Blue Terrier is one of very few breeds that do not shed. However, this does not automatically make this an "allergydog", even when it has shown that some sufferers from allergy tolerates this breed. It is not difficult to maintain the coat in good condition, but it requires regular grooming to avoid tangles. A bath once a month is also necessary. Even if you do not plan to show your dog, you should still trim the coat from time to time.